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The Brazen Story


Established in 2006, Brazen is one of Melbourne’s leading model agencies – working with clients Australia-wide and internationally. 

As a boutique agency, Brazen provides a very nurturing, hands-on approach to its exclusive board of talent. Brazen takes pride in training, developing and guiding each model, ensuring they reach their potential and achieve a successful career in the industry.  

Brazen employs the same caring and attentive approach when assisting their clientele. The bookers provide prompt action, thorough communication and attention to detail. They strive to deliver the best service in the industry and take pleasure in liaising closely with their clients to find the perfect model for their brief. 

Brazen is a family-owned and operated business that makes sure its models and clients feel like part of the family. 


Brazen represents female and male models aged 15 to 40, catering to the mainstream commercial market and also the fashion/ editorial market. Each model is selected not only for having the right look, but also for having the right attitude. The models at Brazen are known for being down to earth, friendly, hard-working and passionate. 


Please contact Brazen if you would like to enquire about models, pricing and services. 

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