Terms and Conditions


A 20% Agency Service Fee applies to all bookings and is payable on the total model fees.


GST will be charged at the Government set rate (currently 10%) on the Agency Service Fee only.


Photographic rates are determined by image/ footage usage and therefore the client must advise exactly where images/ footage are being used at the time of booking in order to get an accurate quote.


12 month usage of images or footage is included in the photographic rate. An additional fee (loading) applies to usage after 12 months.

Clients must contact Brazen if they decide to use the images for longer than 12 months.

Clients must advise exactly where images and/or footage will be used upon making their booking. Images and footage obtained at a booking can only be used for the agreed purpose (as outlined in the Booking Confirmation.)

Clients must contact Brazen if they decide to implement additional usage, and pay the difference owing. (They will be required to pay for the photographic rate that applies to their usage, minus what they have already paid.)


The total hours that a model is booked for is the minimum hours that the model must be paid for. If a job finishes prior to the originally booked time, the model must be paid for the original hours booked regardless of whether the job was completed early.  If a job takes longer than the originally booked hours then overtime will be charged at the applicable hourly rate. The duration of a booking can only be shortened if outside of two business days prior to booking.

A model must be paid from their call time, regardless of when hair and makeup starts or when the shoot/ event starts. Having crew members arrive late and therefore commence later does not mean the model gets paid from the later start time.


Brazen will quote model rates on a per hour or full day rate. Overtime will be charged at the applicable hourly rate if the job runs 20 minutes overtime, constituting an additional hour to be charged. Any overtime 19 minutes or under is not charged.


A Full Day applies to 8 hours. Any additional time will be charged in half hour increments at the applicable hourly rate.

Bookings commencing before 8am or after 10:30pm attract a 20% rate increase.

Brazen does not charge penalty rates for weekends.

A 25% rate increase applies to bookings on public holidays.


The minimum booking length is two hours for modelling services and three hours for events/ promotional services.


When spray tans, manicures or additional hair maintenance is requested, the client must reimburse for these costs.


Full payment for the booking is due 7 days from receipt of invoice, unless otherwise approved by Brazen in writing.

Payments can be made via direct deposit/ bank transfer and credit card. Please note that credit card payments incur a 2.6% surcharge. We do not accept payment via cash or cheque.

A finance charge of 10% per month will be charged on all invoices not paid after 30 days. Brazen reserves the right to turn over a client’s unpaid account to a collection agent.


Once the client has confirmed their Booking Confirmation sheet in writing (via email) a fee of 50% applies for cancelling the booking. A cancellation fee of 100% applies if the cancellation is made within two business days prior to commencement of the booking.


A booking can be postponed once at no charge (if outside of two business days.) Second postpone = 50% of fee. Third postpone = 100% of fee.


Holds must be released or confirmed two working days prior to booking, otherwise other options or definite bookings can take precedence.


Models must be paid from their arrival time on site (their call time.) This includes hair and makeup time and briefing.


If a model is required to attend a rehearsal, fitting or training session prior to the job, there is a flat fee of $100++ (for up to two hours.)


A travel fee applies to any booking location 30 minutes or more from Melbourne CBD. The travel rate is $50++ per hour and is calculated using Google Maps.


Clients are responsible for a model’s meals on full day location shoots and all bookings outside of the metropolitan area.


Models’ services are supplied on a non-exclusive basis unless otherwise negotiated by the client at the time of booking. A special fee will be negotiated when the work is in conjunction with a product, which precludes work for competing products. It is the client’s responsibility to check, at time of booking, whether any conflicting work has been previously done by the model. If the model advertises a product, he/she is able to work for any competitor in the future unless an exclusion fee is negotiated and received.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have adequate levels of Insurance to cover all models used at all locations (including travel to and from a location). The Agency is not required to, nor holds, any such insurance for models.


Photographers may not use test shoots for commercial purposes unless specific arrangements have been made with Brazen.


Where a booking is made by a third party to bill to the client and that person is not legally associated with the client, then the person/business that made the booking will be held liable for any non-payment of a booking by the client.


If a client is dissatisfied with a model’s appearance or performance, they must report it to the agency during the course of the booking or immediately after. A full refund will be made within 48 hours of the booking. No action can be taken for complaints that are received after 24 hours has passed.

Note: we recommend that each client hold a casting to meet shortlisted models in person prior to booking a model.


A model engages Brazen to be their agent representative and Brazen has their authority to enter into contracts with clients on their behalf. At no time do Brazen enter into an employer/ employee relationship with the models. The models are not contracted to Brazen.

The client is defined as the “end-user” by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) “PAYG withholding for performing artists” guidelines. Brazen is an “intermediary” as defined in the ATO’s Superannuation Guarantee Ruling SGR 2005/2.

A contract is created between client and model once a booking is confirmed with Brazen, whether written or oral, as stated by the ATO’s Superannuation Guarantee Ruling.

In accordance with the ATO’s “PAYG withholding for performing artists” guidelines, Brazen is entitled to raise invoices and collect monies on behalf of the model, as an intermediary, even though the contract exists between client and model.